Here is the school supply list for 7th and 8th grade English, Jr High Reading, 7th Grade Life Science and 7th Grade Geography:

School Supply List for Mrs. Wheeler's Class

7th Grade: Language Arts, Geography, Life Science

2" Binder
1 two pocket folder for each subject - 3 hole punched so that they fit in binder
Loose leaf paper 3 hole punched and put in binder
USB Drive - Highly recommended ( can use the same one for all 3 class periods - they will only need one for my classroom )
Pencils, pencils, pencils - Mechanical or regular - please no wooden pencils with the plastic coating - painted ones only - The plastic coated ones are cute but are really tough on the pencil sharpener and don't sharpen as well as the painted ones.  Mechanical pencils are a great choice. If you bring mechanical pencils, please remember to bring lead as well.  (And erasers too please.)
Regular sized Post-it notes.  3 or 4 - can be varied colors or all the same - will be used for note taking and classroom activities
8 pack markers
glue - small bottle and 2 glue sticks
colored pencils
1 pack of index cards - white or colored - lined please
1 pack of tabbed dividers for binder
1 box of Kleenex
1 container of wipes (baby wipes, Clorox wipes, etc... any type is fine)
Blue and Red Ink Pen

8th Grade English and Junior High Reading
USB Drive (they can use the same one they use for other classes)
Pencils and erasers
Loose leaf paper in a binder
Index cards - colored or white
1 box of Kleenex (If you are already bringing one as a 7th grader you don't need to bring another one)