Oct. 1-4





7:50 – 8:50


Fund. Ag Mech


 Ag. Mech.
  Concrete= methods of concrete applications

Ag. Mech.
            lab- determine concrete yardage calculations

 Ag. Mech.
 concrete quiz



Ag Mech.                 
 welding techniques used for mild steel.

8:54 – 9:54

AG Business


 AG Leadership

            Land tax calculations and mill levy assesment
AG Leadership

Calculations of land taxes

Ag Leadership-

  Haakon Co. land assessment valuations
 Ag Leadership-


9:58 – 10:58 




11:02 – 12:02

 Fundament Animal Science:


AG II Animal Science -
Fall calf vaccination programs                
Animal Science- types of vaccines

Animal Science- fall calf weaning programs.

Animal Science-

 presentation of vaccination program designed by students.


Ag Structures
Project work
Install trailer lighting
Project work
Cont. Install weather station
Project work
Project work

Intro. to Food and Natural Resources
Ag. I

Ag leadership training : Section 2 in FFA Student Handbook

Ag I -Leadership
Public speaking techniques
Ag I - Leadership FFA Creed.
Ag I -Leadership
Parliamentary Procedure techniques 
   Land Scape Design
Landscape design-

 Design work on house 14-5   
Landscape Design-Installation of retaining walls Landscape Design- Installation of trees  and shrubs to the landscape plan..
Landscape design- pavers and side walks