Daily Schedule

  8:10-8:40 6th Grade Library (Thursday)

  8:20-8:50 Kindergarten Library (Monday), 2nd Grade Library (Wednesday)

  8:54-9:54 Dual Credit and HS/JH Study Hall

  9:58-10:58 Dual Credit and HS Study Hall

  11:02-12:02 Dual Credit, English/Comp I, and HS Study Hall

  12:31-1:31 Spanish II (Mondays @12:20)

  1:00-1:30 3rd Grade Library (Tuesday), 4th Grade Library (Wednesday)

  1:10-1:40 1st Grade Library (Thursday)

  1:35-2:35 Spanish I, Chemistry, College Readiness, and Study Hall

  2:39-3:39 JH Study Hall

  2:45-3:15 5th Grade Library (Monday)