Drive Wise to Stay Alive
Posted on 09/17/2019
Drive Wise

FCCLA hosted their annual “Drive Wise to Stay Alive” activity during lunch on Tuesday, August 27 in the Philip High commons area. This event is put on to bring awareness to drunk/drugged driving and distracted driving could end your life. In 2007, after leaving a high school party, Dalles Craig Brucklacher was killed in an accident. Cookies made by Sabrina Buls were provided as well as an orange “Drive Wise to Stay Alive” bracelet. The message this event wants to spread is, “You are LOVED! And your family and friends would be devastated to lose you! Your life is IMPORTANT!” FCCLA officers are (l to r): Josie, Gracie, Jaida, Autumn, Allison, Sarah, and Arly.