Junior High

Website Safety 

  1. Never use your real name or give out your phone number or address.
  2. Stay away from strangers.  People on the internet can lie about who they are. Never meet with or send anything to someone you don't know
  3. Google your name, and you'll see what information is on the internet about you. Anyone can have access to conversations you have on social media.  Many employers and colleges conduct a web search on you prior to hiring you, or admitting you to their college.
  4. Never sign up for anything on the internet without parental permission. Talk with your parents about internet rules and safety.  If anything makes you uncomfortable, log off and tell your parents.
  5. Never meet an online friend offline unless your parents are with you.
  6. Never share your telephone number, address, school, full name or other identifying information with others online.

Resources for Parents

 Monitoring Social Media Use

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