Scholarship Application Tips 

  1. If at all possible, type the application or scan it into your computer and fill it out.If this isn’t possible, use black ink to fill out the application.
  2. Make at least one copy of the blank application in case you make a mistake.
  3. Keep a copy of your completed application.This is useful for using to fill out future applications, as well as handy to have if you are selected for a scholarship interview.
  4. You may reuse or modify your essays, activities resume, cover letter, etc. for more than one scholarship.
  5. Keep your applications and “college stuff” in one folder or binder.
  6. Read directions carefully.Each application will ask for different information and attachments.
  7. If there is an essay question, make sure your essay answers the specific question/s.Have someone proof read it for you and make appropriate changes.Make your essay interesting and memorable.
  8. Ask before listing someone as a reference.Choose someone who knows you well.Examples – family friend, teacher, church-member, employer, adult co-worker, community member or coach.Do not use a relative.
    • If you need a letter of reference, ask for one at least two weeks before you need it.
    • Tell your reference what the letter is for and what character traits, activities, or qualifications you possess that make you a good applicant.
    • If your reference doesn’t know you very well, give them a list of your activities, goals, etc. to help them write their letter.
    • Ask your reference to give you several copies of their letter, so you can use it for future applications.You can also offer to print the letter for them and return it to them for a signature.
    • Make sure to thank them for their help, they are doing you a favor.
  9. Fill out and mail applications at least one week ahead of the deadline.That way your application won’t be late.DOUBLE CHECK DEADLINE DATES!
  10. If you do not fill out any applications, you will not receive any scholarships!